About Street Science ENt

The music industry has experienced a dramatic shift in the last 10 years, but artists are still trying to ‘make it’ the same way they did 20 years ago. The blueprint of how artists become successful and well-known has to be rewritten as a result. This collaborative approach represents an evolution of, not only of hip-hop, but also of how music artists in general can now realize their dream.

Street Science Ent. is a collaborative of Industry Influencers united to Develop Musicians Hitting the Mainstream

We have assembled a team of companies and individuals who through their collective experience and resources can extract these artists from underground music scenes and place their music on a mainstream stage for American audiences.
The team of radio promoters, video production specialists, publicists, and music production experts will take the fate of their community’s inclusion in American music into their own hands by dedicating their time and expertise to developing promising musical artists.